Ather 450

Designed, not built

Ather 450

Keeping a tagline like this for a scooter that is powered by motor and batteries seems cool. Heavily applauded by the critics ‘does is offer what they say’?

Released on September 11, 2018, the Ather 450 was also called a smart scooter because it has A.I, and is powered by Google, along with some unique innovations.

It was launched alongside its less powerful sibling, the Ather 340. Both were priced above 1 lac and the 450 grabbed the attention. That is because it beat all almost all the petrol-powered scooters in terms of design, specs, and whatnot.



ather 450 motor

Starting from its specs, it had a 33kW BLDC motor with a max peak power of 5.4kW, which produces a torque of 20.5Nm and a top speed of 80kmph. It can do 0-40kmph in a staggering 3.9 sec, which means it can take off from rest like nothing.

The motor is IP66 rated which means it is dust and water-resistant. So no worries riding on wet roads or on rainy days.


ather 450 battery

The battery pack in Ather 450 is a Lithium-ion 2.4kWh battery which promises 75km on Eco mode, 65km on Ride mode and 55km on Sport mode. It is IP67 rated, which is also water and dust resistant.

It sits underneath the floorboard which helps in lowering the center of gravity.


ather 450 charging

The charging time takes around 5 hours 15 minutes from 0 to 100% using the home charger, whereas the fast charger charges at a rate of 1km/min.

If you were in a hurry and forgot to charge your scooter the company got you covered with its charging point spread all across the city. Currently found only in Bangalore and Chennai.

And charging at Ather charging point is free and unlimited, isn’t that cool.

You can even plug into a regular 5A socket using the charging cable provided with the scooter.


ather 450 chassis

The chassis is a Precision Machined Hybrid Chassis which is made out of an alloy of Aluminum and Steel.

The outer body is made from fiber which makes the scooter light, and the design is aesthetically pleasing.

Talking about the suspension there are telescopic forks in the front and symmetrically mounted progressive mono-shock in the rear.


It has all the features required in a scooter and it makes a whole package by having A.I and google integrated into it.

ather 450 smart display

The Ather 450 has a 7-inch LCD display for the display of speed, battery, navigation and many more. It is a capacitive display which means we can operate it just like our smartphones.

The scooter can also be linked to our smartphones through its own mobile app. The mobile app allows you to

  • know the charging status
  • view ride patterns
  • allows you to push the navigation from your phone to the scooter’s console
  • book a service of your vehicle
  • notification of your phone on the scooters screen

The scooter has an e-sim inside it which is used for onboard navigation. The ride data is collected by the company for further improvements in the scooter.

It has a park assist mode which is a reverse mode in a scooter. This comes handy when you need to pull your scooter back or move out of tight parking slots.

Using the ride data collected from its customers the company frequently provides over the air (OTA) updates to get new software experience, boosts the performance and updates the firmware all this done without going to the service center.

The service of the vehicle is also hassle-free as they provide doorstep pickup & drop and even 24/7 roadside assistance.


The Ather 450 starts at a price of ₹1,13,715 on road. There is an EMI option as well which starts at ₹659/month.

There is another way of ownership as well, where you can lease the scooter at ₹2,589/month with a down payment of ₹60,000. and this goes all the way up to ₹4,035/month with a down payment of ₹30,000.


The Ather 450 is a very promising scooter which is priced a little high. But it makes up for the for the built in features, style, power and premium feel to it.

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