Accelerating India’s EV growth (Make in India)

It is possible for India to become the global leader in electrification. It can be done only when there are proper planning and investments in the field of transportation and energy. It’s not necessary to be dependant on China to provide lithium-ion battery cells and battery packs to support our electric and climate goals. Various countries are focused mainly on […]

Impact of COVID-19 on the automotive sector

The impacts of COVID-19 is evident in every sector. The virus has been declared as the global pandemic and this has lead to lockdown in many parts of the world.Due to this, there is a disruption in exports and imports. The impact Economy The global economy is heavily dependant on the automotive sector. This is because it is an interconnection […]

Electric scooter in India

The scooter market in India is really huge. And for the two-wheeler manufacturers to enter into the electric market this is really a good opportunity. This is because scooters can be easily ridden by everyone from students to ladies to bike riders to the elderly. For the past few years, small-time manufacturers sold few electric scooters. These were low powered […]

Ather 450

Designed, not built Keeping a tagline like this for a scooter that is powered by motor and batteries seems cool. Heavily applauded by the critics ‘does is offer what they say’? Released on September 11, 2018, the Ather 450 was also called a smart scooter because it has A.I, and is powered by Google, along with some unique innovations. It […]

Battery & Charging Technology in Electric vehicles

As soon as you say you own an electric car or bike the first question anyone would ask you is “What is the range?”. This is because previous-generation vehicles did not have great mileage. But the battery technology has evolved and almost every electric vehicle coming out have a decent to a great range(mileage). There are many types of batteries […]

Classification Of Electric Vehicles

The Electric vehicles run solely on electric motors which can be either powered by a battery, ICe or Fuel cells. Many think what might be the classification of electric vehicles be like? The common population and the specialists have classified the electric vehicles, which is also widely accepted. Therefore, Classification of Electric vehicles are; Battery electric vehicle Hybrid electric vehicle […]

What is an electric vehicle?

Electric Vehicles An electric vehicle is a type of vehicle in which the engine is replaced by an electric motor for propulsion. It is mostly driven with the help of a self-containing battery, solar panel or electric generator. The EV’s were first introduced in the mid 19th century, due to its ease of operation and comfort. EVs are not limited […]