Electric scooter in India

Electric scooter

The scooter market in India is really huge. And for the two-wheeler manufacturers to enter into the electric market this is really a good opportunity. This is because scooters can be easily ridden by everyone from students to ladies to bike riders to the elderly.

For the past few years, small-time manufacturers sold few electric scooters. These were low powered and not reliable. But now as the two-wheeler giants are into the game there is a tough competition to produce a better performing scooter.

Hero Electric, TVS, Bajaj, Okinawa, Ather are the companies with good scooters. These scooters can perform well and are near to ICe scooters in terms of specs and feel.

The recent developments

The electric scooters in India in recent times have seen many developments. Some of the developments were long-awaited while the rest are those which were implemented on different kinds of vehicles.

1.Charging stations
Charging station
Charging station [Ather grid]

This is currently in a very less number, but it will increase over time. Ather Energy has this implemented in Bangalore & Chennai. While similar infrastructure can be seen in the case of Revolt but it produces bikes.

2.Lithium-ion battery
Lithium-ion battery
Lithium-ion battery

This is a huge improvement over the previous scooter models. As the companies used to offer Lead-acid batteries which were heavy not removable and less energy efficient. But in the case of lithium-ion batteries, it is light, portable and very efficient.

3.High power motors
Electric motor
Powerful electric motor

Previously the electric vehicles used to be slow and were actually kind of boring. But since the competition between the manufacturers has started the performance in the recent offerings is pretty much on par with the ICe scooters.

4.Smart connectivity
Smart coonectivity
Smart connectivity

This was a kind of feature which was only seen in 4 wheelers but this is now a must-have feature in scooters. Most of the scooters in the market right now are connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth or the internet. This allows the user to remotely access all the data on his/her mobile. Ather’s scooters even receive OTA software upgrades.

The FAME-II policy

India’s adaptations to electric scooters

Recently launched scooters

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